10 Thoughtful Gifts Your Scorpio Dad Will Love

10 Thoughtful Gifts Your Scorpio Dad Will Love

Published By: Sweety High


Shopping for enigmatic Scorpio dads can be a bit like solving a riddle. If you've been scratching your head wondering what to get them, Sweety High just recommended a list of gifts sure to surprise and delight them. PunkStar included!

"One more thing that adds to Scorpio's mystique is that they always smell great, and you can add another go-to fragrance to your dad's collection with MOODEAUX's IntenScenual Collection: Punkstar Eau de Parfum," the publication writes. "This unisex fragrance is bold and rich, combining dark fruit with saffron, smokey incense and leather, rose and cedar, creating a scent as complex as he is."

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