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Making Beauty Better



Black In Fragrance™ is building a global ecosystem of support among industry professionals, consumers, retailers and media outlets, each who pledge to help level the playing field for Black perfumers and Black-owned fragrance brands.


As its founding label, MOODEAUX® leads the effort on the brand side, matching proceeds on limited-edition merch dollar-for-dollar up to $1,000 every month. 50% of revenue from each sale is paid directly to Black creatives on a rolling, application basis.


Click here to meet the three inaugural MOODEAUX x Black In Fragrance Grant Initiative winners, their brands and how each are striving to push the industry forward!


If you’re a founder who needs support, please email If you’re interested in getting involved, email us at





Join us in Making Beauty Better. Rather than tossing them out, self-recycle your empty MOODEAUX® Travel Pens / MOODEAUX® Eau de Parfum bottles — or save your Travel Pens for when our SuperCharged SkinScent™ refills (yes, refills, woot woot!) drop. More on that later.


You can also send your fully empty and rinsed Travel Pens / Eau de Parfum bottles back to us, where we'll gladly take them off your hands. And as our way of saying thanks, you'll be gifted with a $15 voucher towards your next purchase with us. Deal?





  1. Flaunt How You Feel™ with your MOODEAUX®.
  2. Once the product's gone, put its glass vial or bottle aside until you've collected at least three (3) empties. See above for accepted products. 
  3. Let us know you're ready and request a pre-paid shipping label by filling out this quick form located HERE.
  4. Package up your clean and empty MOODEAUX® Travel Pens / MOODEAUX® Eau de Parfum bottles and send them off. 
  5. As promised, we'll email a one-time use voucher to take $15 off at our store.

If you have any questions about our Sustainability Pledge, get in touch with us at T&Cs apply. 





Only U.S. purchases made on and through our site are eligible for the Making Beauty Better™ Recycling Program. Please note: At this time, we cannot accept unsolicited items or glass that isn't identifiable as a clean and empty MOODEAUX® Travel Pen / MOODEAUX® Eau de Parfum bottle.


Clients who wish to participate in the Making Beauty Better™ Recycling Program are invited to send a minimum of three (3) empty MOODEAUX® Travel Pens / MOODEAUX® Eau de Parfum bottles at a time. 


To send your items, print your pre-paid shipping label and carefully prepare your empty Travel Pens and/or Eau de Parfum bottles in MOODEAUX® packaging or in a well-padded envelope or box to help prevent any broken glass.