"This Black-owned fragrance brand is here to disrupt the industry."


Since you've landed on this page, it's only right we start by saying thanks! With a world full of options, our small (but mighty) team is excited to have your attention and the opportunity to enhance the way you experience fragrance. Truth be told, MOODEAUX® was dreamt into existence by a rebellious, curious mind quite like yours who wondered, "What if scent and skin care could actually work together to Flaunt How You Feel™?" Finally, almost three years of asking questions has led to this very moment. Woah. *tears*


Focused on the fact that scent, emotion and memory are all connected¹'², MOODEAUX® makes accessorizing your mood with clean luxury fragrances a 24/7/365 Intenscenual™ celebration where everyone's welcome to come kick it. Even better, our debut product leaves out the typical alcohol, dyes and water found in most perfumes, relying on botanical ingredients like apricot, grape and meadowfoam seed oil instead — each of which help our scents last a bit longer while helping keep skin moisturized, too!


A win-win s̶i̶t̶u̶a̶t̶i̶o̶n̶ solution for you, us and Mother Earth, given the measures we've taken to not only formulate, but also source and package with sustainability in mind. Speaking of packaging, MOODEAUX® proudly supports The Better Packaging Co.® a.k.a the eco-conscious makers behind all our compostable and/or biodegradable mailers. This step is only one example of how we're Making Beauty Better by simply Making Better Beauty™ — click here to find out more.




Goldman-Sachs Inaugural One Million Black Women: Black In Business Cohort

Tower28 Beauty x 2021 Clean Beauty Summer School Finalist

New Voices Foundation x Pull Up For Change x ESSENCE Grant Winner

Pepper 2021 Startup Grant for Black Women Finalist