Pre-Order Status

Thank you so much again for supporting our small business with your pre-order! Since you shopped with us, we've been hard at work producing/preparing to package up all shipments and send them out the door as quickly as possible, between 11/29-12/10. If you're curious about what this entails, keep reading below for more info — including updates and FAQs. 




11/29/2021: Shipping on pre-orders has begun. For individual order updates, please refer to email alerts or send an inquiry to


11/18/2021: Reusable, limited-edition Grab-Then-Go™ Stash Bag delivered to MOODEAUX HQ.


11/8/2021: Black In Fragrance™ x MOODEAUX® limited-edition Pin Set delivered to MOODEAUX HQ.


11/4/2021: 8-Day Delay; Reusable, limited-edition Grab-Then-Go™ Stash Bag is slated to exit partner manufacturer facility on 11/11/2021 for delivery to MOODEAUX HQ. Original delivery date to MOODEAUX HQ: 11/3/2021.


10/27/2021: Black In Fragrance™ x MOODEAUX® limited-edition Pin Set is slated to exit partner manufacturer facility on 11/15/2021 for delivery to MOODEAUX HQ. 


10/27/2021: Reusable, limited-edition Grab-Then-Go™ Stash Bag is slated to exit partner manufacturer facility on 11/3/2021 for delivery to MOODEAUX HQ.


10/15/2021: Worthy SuperCharged SkinScent™ Starter Pack Sampler is in production.


10/15/2021: Black In Fragrance™ x MOODEAUX® limited-edition Pin Set is in production.


10/15/2021: Reusable, limited-edition Grab-Then-Go™ Stash Bag is in production.


10/1/2021: Launch date; pre-orders are now being accepted. 




Q: What's your pre-order policy?


MOODEAUX® will begin accepting pre-orders for our debut product collection on October 1, 2021. Given the unique circumstances, kindly note we don't offer cancellations, returns or online store credit/exchanges on pre-orders.


Q: What's a pre-order? 


A pre-order is a purchase for an exclusive item that isn't in stock yet.


Q: Why should I pre-order? 


Purchasing a pre-order item helps us adhere to our Sustainability Pledge by producing exactly the right amount of stock desired while also helping to avoid sell outs.


Q: How does a pre-order work?


To secure your item, full payment is due at checkout. Once produced, we will package your pre-order item(s) and hand it/them off to our parcel carriers with your selected shipping method within three (3)-five (5) business days. The exact delivery date of your pre-order item(s) is unknown; however a target shipment date range has been specified on all pre-order product pages.


Q: How do I know if an item is a pre-order? 


Pre-order items are marked with a “pre-order” button on applicable product pages, during checkout and through order summaries alongside with their target shipment date range.


Q: What about changes in delivery date? 


Because pre-order items haven’t reached our distribution facility quite yet, we unfortunately cannot guarantee the exact date they will ship. Each pre-order item has a target shipment date range; yet this is subject to change without prior notice. If for any reason outside of our control we are unable to process and fulfill your pre-order, we will refund you for the full amount spent ASAP. Likewise, we will happily honor refunds if there has been an extraordinary delay in shipping, spanning greater than forty-five (45) days from the target shipment date range.




If you have any additional questions about your pre-order status, please contact us at