Make Your Own Perfume? Inside the Latest Fragrance Trend

Make Your Own Perfume? Inside the Latest Fragrance Trend

Published By: New Beauty


The fragrance world is buzzing with news about "bespoke" perfumes. Gone are the days of a one-size-fits-all scent — welcome to the age of fragrance where your scent-of-the-day is as unique as your fingerprint, according to the editors at New Beauty.

Think functional fragrances, gender-neutral options, and, most excitingly, personalized juices — many of which rely on your skin's unique aroma as the main ingredient.

"For the ultimate in personalized scent, look no further than MOODEAUX. Their travel set features two scents, Worthy and PunkStar, designed to make you feel fabulous," writer Rowan Lynam shares! "Whether you’re after comfort or confidence, these scents blend beautifully, embodying the perfect marriage of self-care and style."

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