25 Best Long-Lasting Fragrances That Won't Overwhelm You

25 Best Long-Lasting Fragrances That Won't Overwhelm You

Published By: ELLE


"Who wants to spend money on a perfume that'll wear off by the time you head out the door," asks ELLE's Nerisha Penrose. "The best long-lasting fragrances should be able to leave a lasting impression in their wake and don’t need constant re-application." 

To round out the topic, Penrose shares 25 scents that really go the distance — including MOODEAUX's sophomore release: PunkStar a.k.a "The Best Nighttime Fragrance."

"Punkstar is an energizing fragrance that leaves you guessing. A few spritzes spark intrigue—What note is that pulling me in? The dark, sultry fragrance melds blackcurrant, raspberry, incense, wood and more to create a blend that starts off as a summer day and settles into a fall night," according to ELLE.

"PunkStar has easily become my favorite new fragrance because it's so mysterious and warm. The incense pulls more on my skin initially, but tonka bean and patchouli make for the perfect dry-down pairing," Penrose continues. 

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