Sweety High Says "PunkStar" Is The Ultimate Gemini Gift

Sweety High Says "PunkStar" Is The Ultimate Gemini Gift

Published by: Sweety High


"Geminis have a knack for spicing things up, as they have a hard time staying in one place for too long and certainly have a love for juggling a variety of passions," writes Sweety High. "With that said, finding the right gift for your Gemini [girlfriend] can be far from easy, to say the least."

"A spunky scent that suits any vibe and a travel-friendly size? What is there not to love about this SuperCharged PunkStar perfume from MOODEAUX? The scent itself invokes a sense of rebelling against the status quo (something that [Geminis] already do quite well) while perfectly balancing feminine and masculine auras in a way that any Gemini is sure to love. After all, as the sign represented by the twins, Geminis often have trouble choosing just one thing, but this gift gives them the best of both worlds."

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