2 Fragrance Experts Dish on The Best V-Day Scents

2 Fragrance Experts Dish on The Best V-Day Scents

Published By: Glossy


"For a preview of the fragrances expected to be hot gifts this Valentine's Day, Glossy spoke with two rising stars in the fragrance world, [Chriselle] Lim and Brianna Arps — the latter is the founder of fragrance brand MOODEAUX and Black in Fragrance, aimed at giving more Black fragrance founders a platform to grow their businesses."

“Fragrance is very expressive. You can say a lot with a little, and it's highly adaptable. Sometimes, shopping for other people or picking out fragrances for other people can get scary. But really, [based on] the fact that fragrance is subjective, and it really adapts to the wearer, I think it's a fun way to experiment with showcasing your love for someone," Brianna shares. "…It helps you to write your own love note to someone. So [it makes sense] that it's a really popular gift item not just around Valentine's Day, but for holidays, in general."


Click HERE to read more from Brianna and HERE to shop her MOODEAUX picks!



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