Black Founders Are Leading Luxury Beauty

Black Founders Are Leading Luxury Beauty

Published By: Refinery29


Throughout this article, Refinery29 takes a stance on the evolving world around us, declaring "The Future of Luxury Beauty is Black." Tapping a series of Black women entrepreneurs, senior writer Amanda Mitchell sheds light on the fact that non-white beauty founders are claiming their right to take up space, to redefine not only what luxury beauty looks like in retail — but also who gets to participate and why now is the perfect time. 

MOODEAUX's very own Brianna Arps shared her thoughts, in part: 

"This is even outside of luxury beauty, but in general, I really hope that Black innovators really start getting the praise and their flowers now. We are the innovators, we are the trendsetters and it isn't enough to recognize our achievements or recognize our visionary mindsets after the fact. While we're talking about it now, let's start positioning ourselves in these places where we belong."

"[We] need to continue to pour into people who are now seeing their idols have their dreams actualized. How about we ask the younger generations and future generations how they need support? I don't think it's enough to just stop there. 'Okay, great, we give you your flowers', [but now] it's, 'how do we continue to grow our garden?' How do we continue to water and seed the next rise of Black luxury innovators? I think we need to start having more forward thinking conversations."


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