Black Fragrance Creators to Celebrate Now and Forever

Black Fragrance Creators to Celebrate Now and Forever

Published By: Scentbird


Recently, Scentbird published a blog to celebrate the contributions of Black perfumers and Black-owned fragrance labels.

"Founded by Brianna Arps, who dared to ask 'What if perfume could nourish your skin, mind, and spirit?' MOODEAUX delivers award-winning eau de parfums that pack a punch," they write. "While respecting the traditions of perfumery, MOODEAUX dares to push boundaries and gently asks you to embrace science-backed blends made with love for the planet and your body."

But MOODEAUX goes beyond just smelling fly. They're the first Black-owned perfume brand at Credo, leading the charge with Black in Fragrance – a movement empowering underrepresented perfumers.

Scentbird subscribers can now experience Worthy, an empowering mantra in a bottle. Just breathe in the bright citrus sunrise of white tea and orange blossoms, feel the warmth of sacred vanilla woods hug your skin, and find calm like a lavender field in the concrete jungle. Worthy is your daily dose of self-love, a reminder that yesterday was good, today is better, and tomorrow holds endless possibilities." 


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