Choose Your Signature Scent From These Black-Owned Fragrances

Choose Your Signature Scent From These Black-Owned Fragrances

Published By: Hello Beautiful


"Are you a leather, citrisy, or vanilla kinda girl? Your favorite fragrance speaks volumes about your personality," Hello Beautiful's managing editor, Shamika Sanders, writes. "With hundreds of perfumes on the market, layering and mixing scents is a fun practice many women enjoy. Nothing feels better than walking into a space and leaving a trail that lingers or the delight from a simple compliment, 'You smell good.'"

Amen to THAT! Included among Shamika's mix of signature scents from Black woman-owned brands you should try? Worthy by us at MOODEAUX. 

"Described as a 'hug in a bottle,' MOODEAUX's beloved scent 'Worthy' was Essence’s 2023 Best In Black Beauty Award winner thanks to its desirable scent and affirming message in a bottle. 'Worthy' is a daily reminder to feel your best at all times."

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