These Are The 12 Products We're Buying In 2022

These Are The 12 Products We're Buying In 2022

Published By: Byrdie


Kicking off 2022, the editors at Byrdie joined forces to share an on-going list of their favorite beauty products with "truly exciting formulas ... the cream of the crop." 

Olivia Hancock included our debut scent, writing: "For me, fragrance is an integral part of my self-care routine—and I'm focused on expanding my fragrance wardrobe this year. One of the newest additions to my collection is MOODEAUX's Worthy SuperCharged SkinScent. Boasting a mixture of floral, woodsy, and citrus notes, the scent is unlike anything I have ever worn before (in the best way). Every time I wear it, I get compliments on how unique it smells. I'll definitely be ordering more bottles for myself and my loved ones throughout the year."


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