MOODEAUX Turns Fragrance Into A Tool For Empowerment

MOODEAUX Turns Fragrance Into A Tool For Empowerment

Published By: xoNecole


When Brianna Arps, founder of the indie fragrance label MOODEAUX, was laid off from her role at a women's media publication in 2018, the loss impacted her confidence and state of mind. "'As someone who had always wanted to be a writer and to be in beauty, I thought I had reached such a pinnacle, and then my world came crashing down,'" she recalls.

Unsure of how the next chapter of her life would unfold, Brianna turned to the accessory in her beauty ritual that faithfully pulled her out of even the darkest moment: perfume. "There's a connection between our sense of smell and its ability to make us feel things — whether that's empowered, motivated, inspired, or like 'that girl,'she tells xoNecole. "When you put on your favorite scent, you just feel something."


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