How This Founder Turned Her Layoff Into Her Next Opportunity

How This Founder Turned Her Layoff Into Her Next Opportunity

Published By: Entrepreneur


In 2018, I (Brianna Arps) grew obsessed with the connection between scent and emotional wellbeing. I was recently laid off, living on unemployment and heavily into self-care to stay sane. Sounds silly, but I always felt better after showering ad a spritz of perfume. I didn't even have to "get dressed" — the whiff of a familiar smell was often enough to remind me I'm worthy and eventually, I'd be alright.

Sourcing online, I quickly noticed the lack of Black-owned fragrance labels and popular discourse about our sense of smell's ability to trigger good thoughts/influence moods. With that, I began creating MOODEAUX...

Fast-forward to today, in 2024, it's so wild that Entrepreneur would wanna profile an "accidental entrepreneur" like me. *mind blown* During our interview, I told writer Mita Mallick that if I hadn't lost my job, MOODEAUX most definitely wouldn't exist. Honest-to-God truth. But! Sometimes...things just don't work out on purpose. Or, the purpose is to help you find your purpose. Either way, we're here now and have no intention of slowing down or stopping anytime soon.

Thank y'all for keeping us motivated! For keeping us inspired. For keeping us in our right mind. All of the things, I owe to you... If you're interested in learning how I turned an unfortunate event into my next opportunity — plus, takeaways on growing and scaling MOODEAUX, click HERE for more. xXBA



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