Perfume Oils Are Having Their (Well-Deserved) Moment

Perfume Oils Are Having Their (Well-Deserved) Moment

Published By: Fashionista


Perfume oils are def having their (well-deserved) moment in the sun! So much so, that Fashionista decided to write about it — plus explain why you should consider them when picking out your next fragrance. 

To aid the story, editor Stephanie Saltzman tapped our founder Brianna Arps for her insight"

"If you're someone who wants to smell great all day long without constantly reapplying your fragrance, oil-based perfumes are the way to go," Brianna says. "They're highly concentrated and 'stick' to the skin, forming a moisturizing barrier that helps it retain scent."

For more on perfume oils, and tips on how to use this trendy formula, click HERE.


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