We're Launching Something Brand New — Here's All The Details

We're Launching Something Brand New — Here's All The Details

Written By: Brianna Arps


This time, this past year (as in April 2023 versus April 2024), we dropped our sophomore scent PunkStar. It's only right to keep the tradition going by sharing what's been in the works ever since then...

Today, I'm so excited to announce MOODEAUX's third addition: Brand New. We're exactly four weeks away from the official ship date of May 24, 2024, which is also my 30th birthday.

Although I previously swore off tying any more launches with personal milestones because of the stress, sheesh — if y'all remember, we debuted at Credo Beauty also on May 24 in 2022 — there are just too many positive associations that illustrate Brand New's deeper meaning. Let me explain.

Each MOODEAUX fragrance starts with a conversation with our MOODIES and members of our Sniff Squad. We really take y'all's interests and feedback into account, from the idea stage all the way to campaign execution. The process involves translating feelings into words, then words into visuals — including specific fragrance ingredients. 

Brand New was brought to life with one main intention: Help make every day smell and feel like a bright start. A cheeky nod to the popularized slang term, it, inspires wearers to "wipe the slate clean" and level up by leaving old personals, habits and attitudes behind — making room for nothing but good vibes to thrive spritz after spritz!

Key notes include: sparkling yuzu, cardamom, pink pepper, coconut, neroli petals, muguet and salty musk. It's so delicious! Solar and fresh, but not "household-cleaner" fresh. Completely different from, yet complimentary to our first and second perfumes. I'm beyond anxious for you folks to get it in your hands!

While we continue the countdown, I wanna say... Thank y'all for continuing to allow us to serve you. It’s no secret scents wear differently on everyone. That's really what I love about collecting fragrances most.

Aside from smelling good, they provide a unique avenue for self-expression — allowing people from all walks of life to communicate aspects of their identities, moods, desires, etc. without ever uttering a word. Unlike any other accessory, our perfumes can become our "signatures," important reminders, confidence boosters, guilty pleasures and overall game-changers for how we decide to not just show up, but show out in life if we stay open to it.

Keep a close eye on our emails, texts and social posts as "Brand New" details emerge... *wink wink* Cheesy pun intended LOL! The team wants to hear from you, too. Got a question, slide in our DMs — or better yet — hit us at hey@MOODEAUX.com.

Talk soon! xXBA



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