FROM BRIANNA: We Won A Black Ambition Prize!

FROM BRIANNA: We Won A Black Ambition Prize!

Written By: Brianna Arps


Launching-then-growing your first brand is much like building-then-driving a sports car. Based on either past experience, pure delusion or perhaps both (*points to self*), you may think you know exactly what it takes and that you have allllll the parts to race towards success. However! I'mma keep it a buck and say nothing can 100% prepare anyone for the long winding road ahead. 

The "mechanics of business" are dizzying. Throwing my ego out the window helped me realize what goes on underneath MOODEAUX's proverbial hood is far more important — and impressive — than my ride itself. Now two years in, I expect/embrace routine tune-ups as opportunities to continue doing what I love: Going the distance with y'all and passing milestone after milestone together. 

Speaking of milestones, I owe our community an important #SmallBusinessSaturday update! 

You might recall we competed in the Black Ambition Prize Competition alongside 2,000+ applicants, 250 semi-finalists and 50 finalists. On November 9, MOODEAUX was awarded $100,000 from founder Pharrell Williams and his incredible team led by CEO Felecia Hatcher. "Equality is one rung on the ladder, equity is another," Pharrell says. "You don’t have to ask for anything fair when you own a piece of the pie."


Black Ambition Prize Competition Pharrell Williams Demo Day Winners


Before becoming an entrepreneur, I understood the concept but never thought it would directly apply to me. I never thought I'd ever be positioned to own anything with significant value, let alone be someone protecting my family's generational wealth. Yet here we are… Thank you times INFINITY for supporting MOODEAUX. I'm probably TOO giddy to share what's coming next! 

Before then, we'll be closing out 2023 with at least one other announcement. Keep your eyes peeled and please stay safe this holiday season. <3

Brianna Arps, Founder & CEO



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