You Might Just Not Feel Like It Today — And Yes, That's Okay Too

You Might Just Not Feel Like It Today — And Yes, That's Okay Too

Written By: Brianna Arps


TRIGGER WARNING: Loss and grief. 

Sad, but a fact nonetheless, our launch plans were delayed then sped up after the sudden passing of my Papa: Mr. Roy Lee Brown. The #1 fan of anything his grand-baby got her hands in, I know he’s somewhere chillin’ 
beyond the clouds just so proud. 

Although we hear this all the time, life is a blessing and unfortunately, it’s also way too short. And because of that, MOODEAUX couldn’t wait any longer. I promised him I’d see this dream to fruition. 

In case you might be going through something similar, I wanna first offer my sincerest condolences. Secondly, I’ve compiled a list of actions you can take from the CDC — some of which got me through, even when I just didn’t feel like trying — that might help you with coping from loss too. xXBA

 Try connecting with other people.

- Invite people to call you or host conference calls with family members and friends to stay connected.

- Ask family and friends to share stories and pictures with you via mailed letters, email, phone, or video chat or via apps or social media that allow groups to share with each other (e.g., group chat, group messaging, Facebook).

- Coordinate a date and time for family and friends to honor your loved one by reciting a selected poem, spiritual reading or prayer within their own households.


 Try creating memories or rituals.

- Develop a virtual memory book, blog or webpage to remember your loved one, and ask family and friends to contribute their memories and stories.

- Take part in an activity, such as planting a tree or preparing a favorite meal, that has significance to you and the loved one who died. 


 Try asking for help from others.

 - Seek out grief counseling or mental health services, support groups, or hotlines, especially those that can be offered over the phone or online.

- Seek spiritual support from faith-based organizations, including your religious leaders and congregations, if applicable.

- Seek support from other trusted community leaders and friends.


Selected Resources:

Tips for Survivors: Coping with Grief After a Disaster or Traumatic Event

Center for Complicated Grief

Center for Grief Recovery and Therapeutic Services