FROM BRIANNA: 4 Ways I Flaunt How I Feel with PRIDE

FROM BRIANNA: 4 Ways I Flaunt How I Feel with PRIDE

Written By: Brianna Arps


I came out to my mom and biggest supporter during high school after years fearing how or if she’d still accept who I am…

The conversations were hard, but not as hard as life would’ve been if I had decided to keep certain aspects of my identity hidden, forever. Being a bisexual Black woman, I’m used to labels and harmful stereotypes that couldn’t be any further away from my truth.

What I love about Pride Month most is that in reminding us all about the power of telling our own stories and flaunting how we feel, it promotes a safer, more empathetic and inclusive world where everyone can be themselves.

True allyship is important and calls for open ears/minds/hearts, 24/7/365. I hope sharing even just a bit of my experience helps anyone struggling to understand Pride’s importance today choose love tomorrow and always.

For those on a journey to becoming their truest selves, here's my best advice! xXBA



We're constantly flooded with outside opinions, and before we know it, many of them are adopted as our own. In order to truly "flaunt how you feel," I realized you must trust yourself to know what you need and want out of life. Only you have those answers, and only you have the power to make those things happen.


Let's be honest: Telling ourselves to "be positive" (all the time) isn't realistic. Sometimes, negative thoughts creep in as a defense or safety mechanism to protect us against things not going our way — which is normal! But take it from me, someone who's a chronic over-thinker, too much self-loathing also prevents us from *trying.* Next time you're having a moment, catch yourself from internalizing limiting beliefs and flip the script on your commitment to becoming the best you.


This one took a while for me to understand, however, you are not your past nor the sum of your mistakes! Push yourself to learn from losses and keep moving forward. Time won't wait, so why should you? Another thing, as hard as it may be, push yourself to stop caring about what other people say/do. Doesn't matter.


My fondest memories are with those  — both family and friends — who can see past our differences to focus on what makes us "one and the same." There's no way I'd be here even typing this if it wasn't for them. "Your vibe attracts your tribe," I can't remember where I heard that from... Still, it's so TRUE. When you surround yourself with the right people, they'll love and support you, elevate your best traits and build you up, instead of having you question/doubt yourself and holding you back.


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