FROM BRIANNA: This Has to Be My Biggest Bet Yet

FROM BRIANNA: This Has to Be My Biggest Bet Yet

Written By: Brianna Arps


I normally don't like to gamble, in the traditional sense. But if nothing else, I'm gonna always place the biggest bets on myself. LiterallyFor so long, I felt like a tiny fish lost at sea, battling upstream just to come up on a breakthrough. My gut has been my compass through it all, even when no one around could quite see the vision. Pause. LOL, I'm STILL making things up as I go.


And you know what...that's okay. Because faith (followed by instinct) continues to carry me further than I could've ever imagined, and that's on everything and everyone I loveWhat's funny is the tides really started to change (yes, sticking with the water metaphor here hahaha) when I stopped waiting for others to validate what was so clearly assigned as my life mission: entrepreneurship. All that extra "struggling" I went through came with me trying to journey along someone else's path.


Years and years and years and years and YEARS have led to this moment of realization. I'm just happy, humble and grateful to finally be here. Even more so knowing you're here with me, too. <3 Monday, 11/7/22, I'll be placing another bet on myself, MOODEAUX and our team...yet this time, it'll be on TV for $200,000!


Target and REVOLT have joined forces yet again for the second season of "Bet on Black," a competition show where Black entrepreneurs pitch their innovative business ideas to a celebrity panel of experts and business owners. Tune in for Ep. 3 airing at 9:30pm EST / 8:30pm CST. Click HERE or below to locate your provider and find channel info! 


UPDATE: Click HERE to watch Ep. 3 of "Bet on Black" presented by Revolt TV and Target!




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