20 Best Gender-Neutral Fragrances to Keep In Rotation

20 Best Gender-Neutral Fragrances to Keep In Rotation

Published By: ELLE


"Times are changing, and fragrance companies are no longer marketing to specific people, but looking beyond the binary to make the scent world an inclusive place," writes ELLE. We couldn't agree more. In the publication's latest product roundup, beauty commerce editor Nerisha Penrose ranks 20 of today's popular gender-neutral scents — crowning PunkStar as "Best Signature Scent!" 

"Channel your inner punk with this unique, nocturnal fragrance that works as an every day, signature scent. PunkStar isn't for those who want to be shy; notes like blackcurrant, saffron, vanilla, rose, and raspberry add a playful burst to the spicy scent."

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