33 Black-Owned Businesses To Shop This Holiday Season

33 Black-Owned Businesses To Shop This Holiday Season

Published By: Real Simple


"According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, 'Black business owners own over three million businesses and employ almost 1.2 million people.' From retail to restaurants, healthcare to housing, there are many service providers and products to choose from for every occasion," Real Simple writes.

"Of course, pairing the right gift at the right price with the right person can be a feat. There are a lot of lists full of big-name celebrity brands, but what about small and medium-sized businesses? What about the underground brands? What about luxury at every price point?"

Not to worry. Real Simple curated a list of its editors' latest favorites fit for all "ages and stages of life." Click HERE to find inspiration for the perfect gift from Black-owned businesses, including ours at MOODEAUX! Thank you, Real Simple. :)



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