Worthy Named Among The "Best-of-the-Best" Perfumes For 2024

Worthy Named Among The "Best-of-the-Best" Perfumes For 2024

Published By: Cosmopolitan


In June 2023, Cosmo's beauty editor, Beth Gillette compiled a list of the seven biggest perfume trends for 2024. Her predictions, according to a recent article, were based on conversations with perfumers and expert noses, meetings with brands and "personal trend-spotting." After some initial research, the entire beauty team rallied together to conduct even more research, test products and review more than 100 different scents within each trend category. 

Two months later in August, the team narrowed down its list to 50 favorites before landing on 26 perfumes — "aka the best-of-the-best for 2024" based on longevity, scent profile, price point, packaging, bottle design and more. We're super excited at MOODEAUX to have made the cut with our Worthy Eau de Parfum! 

Here's what Beth had to say: "[Worthy] is one of the most-complimented fragrances in my collection. And it's prob because the notes (including woody notes, white tea, musk, and green leaves) are blended so well that they're barely discernable. It mixes with your body chemistry to develop into a smooth, fresh scent, but will pick up differently on everyone. I, for one, love how sweet it smells on me."

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