Mood-Boosting Fragrances To Help Fight Off Winter Blues

Mood-Boosting Fragrances To Help Fight Off Winter Blues

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A simple waft of a soothing scent can stir something deep inside the human soul and evoke an intoxicating blur of nostalgia, emotion, and comfort. Any fragrance enthusiast knows the power of a great scent, the romance of the olfactory experience. It’s far more than smelling good for others; it’s an act of self-care. And yet fragrance’s effect on mood is actually pretty unromantic—it’s downright scientific fact.

"By far, smell is our strongest sense and affects mood and behavior more than any other human sensorial experience," explains Brianna Arps, founder of luxury fragrance brand, MOODEAUX. "Scientists say this is because the olfactory bulb is connected to the limbic system, which includes parts of the brain that control emotion and memory."

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