Asked by Cosmo: Does "Pheromone Perfume" Actually Do Anything?

Asked by Cosmo: Does "Pheromone Perfume" Actually Do Anything?

Published By: Cosmopolitan


Cosmo beauty editor Beth Gillette set out on a mission in early 2024 to determine if "pheromone perfumes" are actually worth the hype. 

According to Beth's initial research: "Typically, pheromone perfume is filled with essential oils that are meant to work with your natural scent chemistry and either recreate or enhance your body's pheromones, making you more sexually attractive. I'd seen countless videos on TikTok of people swearing by [their] attraction powers. ... Applying [them] sounded like the perfect way to get me out of my house, off the [dating] apps and talking to suitors!"

While her 30-day experiment came up short (read more HERE), she ultimately decided the best approach towards meeting a "partner in the wild" is by simply wearing whatever scent "makes you feel the most confident," including Worthy by MOODEAUX!


"Worthy is, technically, also a pheromone perfume actually, as it's filled with notes that are meant to mimic your skin's natural scent. On me, it smells clean and fresh—essentially the embodiment of the 'clean girl aesthetic.' I wear it at the office often because it's not overpowering or intense, but still catches the nose of my coworkers who shower me with compliments," Beth writes.


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