Perfume Storage Tips: Keeping Your Fragrance Fresh and Fabulous

Perfume Storage Tips: Keeping Your Fragrance Fresh and Fabulous

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Perfumes are more than just scents — in our world, they're expressions of personality, mood and style! Whether you're a fragrance enthusiast with a collection to rival Sephora or simply someone who loves a signature scent, proper perfume storage is essential to preserve their quality and longevity. Below, we're exploring some valuable tips for keeping your fragrances fresh and fabulous for years to come.


1. Store Perfumes in a Cool, Dark Place

Light (natural/artificial), heat and oxygen accelerate the aging process of all fragrances. If your favorite scent looks a bit different in color than you last recall, chances are it's maturing and you may wanna reconsider how/where you store the bottle. 

For those reasons, contrary to popular belief (or what you may see on Insta), your steamy bathroom or sun-soaked vanity aren’t the best spots to keep delicate perfumes/parfums 24/7/365. A closet or a drawer is an ideal choice. If you just can't resist displaying your bottles, consider investing in a decorative box with opaque sides or a perfume tray with a protective cover. 

2. Keep Perfumes Away from Humidity

To reiterate, excessive moisture can also harm your perfumes, causing the fragrance to break down and deteriorate. Avoid storing them in the bathroom, as the humidity levels tend to be high. Instead, choose a dry area with consistent humidity levels to maintain the integrity of your perfumes.

3. Use the Original Packaging

The original packaging that comes with your perfume isn't just for aesthetics — it serves a practical purpose, too! Bottles are often designed to protect the fragrance from exposure to light and air. Whenever possible, keep your perfumes in their original boxes to shield them from potential harm.

4. Seal the Bottle Tightly

Air is one of the primary enemies of perfume longevity. So, double-triple check to make sure the caps or stoppers on your perfume bottles are securely fastened after each use. This prevents unnecessary oxidation and evaporation of the fragrance, preserving its potency.

5. Rotate Your Fragrance Collection

If you have a rather large collection of perfumes, it's a good idea to rotate them regularly. Use older bottles first to ensure that none of your fragrances go bad before you have the chance to enjoy them fully. This practice also allows you to appreciate each scent more thoroughly.

Another tip in general is to make sure you regularly wear your fragrances versus savoring them year-over-year. Too much "headspace" in your bottle is never ideal, because that's just extra oxygen mingling where it shouldn't be.

6. Avoid Extreme Temperature Changes

Extreme temperature fluctuations, such as those experienced when storing perfumes in a refrigerator or freezer, can negatively impact the fragrance. Stick to a stable, moderate temperature range, ideally between 50°F and 70°F (10°C to 21°C), for optimal preservation.

7. Don't Shake Perfume Bottles

Shaking perfume bottles can introduce air into the liquid, potentially altering the fragrance and causing it to deteriorate faster. Instead of shaking, gently roll the bottle between your hands to mix the components if necessary.


By following these perfume storage tips, you can ensure that your fragrances remain fresh and fabulous, delighting your senses for years to come. Proper storage not only preserves the quality of your scents but also enhances your overall fragrance experience. So, treat your perfumes with the care they deserve and enjoy their beauty to the fullest! xX



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