HYPEBAE AWARDS: MOODEAUX Wins "Best Fragrance" & "Emerging Brand"

HYPEBAE AWARDS: MOODEAUX Wins "Best Fragrance" & "Emerging Brand"

Written By: MOODEAUX


It's awards season in the beauty world, and we couldn't be any more excited to share a major update with y'all! :) Our team at MOODEAUX has received not one but TWO new trophies for "Best Fragrance" (PunkStar) and "Emerging Brand" by way of the editors at Hypebae. *happy tears*

"For our second annual installment, we're giving well-deserved flowers to the brands going beyond surface-level aesthetics and making beauty more accessible with each drop. From long-standing heritage names to next-gen outfits, each awarded product uplifts those who dare to democratize beauty," they write. "Our Emerging Brands category celebrates pioneering talent whose fresh take on the industry traverses beauty shelves and into the hearts of our community. An inspiration to us all, these are the products and names to know for the new year and beyond."

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