First Black-Owned Fragrance Label Sold At Urban Outfitters

First Black-Owned Fragrance Label Sold At Urban Outfitters

Written By: Brianna Arps


I've been employed at three different retailers, at three distinct times in my life. To keep things semi-brief, I'll only share the first and second right now.

Job #1 involved..."charming" customers with colorfully coordinated accessories. Hint, hint. I learned A LOT, including the biggest lesson everybody will probably encounter at some point — which is the importance of working where you're 100% welcome to be your whole self.

Job #2 fostered this, rallying teenage me and local creatives driven by together under one roof: Urban Outfitters. I still remember getting the email I'd been prayinggg for that extended an official offer. 


(Pssst, all my St. Louis folk! I was in the Goodwill parking lot on W Florissant Ave., about to go in and find some vintage jeans, lol. What a happy day, memories! The pic above is of my store inside the Galleria Mall.)

Little did I know, a decade and some change later, I'd be sitting here having built my own company that recently launched as UO's first Black-owned perfume label. Wild, wild, WILD. 

The entire team is thrilled to bring MOODEAUX's rebellious spirit and scents to the retailer, especially its tastemaker clients who we mirror and oh-so-deeply admire. Just like us, they unapologetically "flaunt how they feel." Accessorizing with fragrances expressive of their moods, boundless identities and evolving beliefs is their jam — ours, too.

In less words, Urban Outfitters + MOODEAUX = A complete match made in beauty heaven!  

As of February 1, 2024, you can shop both Worthy and PunkStar (alcohol and oil-based form) online HERE. If you'd love to see MOODEAUX at your nearest UO, consider signing a cheeky little petition in support HERE

To celebrate...drumroll please...we're also giving away four $250.00 Urban Outfitters eGift Cards for a grand total of $1,000.00.

To win, make a qualifying purchase (a full-size IntenScenual Eau de Parfum) and check your box for a Black Ticket. If you find one, follow the instructions on the back to claim your prize. :)

Before I go, I'd be remiss if I didn't extend a heartfelt "Thank You" x1,000,000 to our MOODIES for helping to make expanding possible. I'm beyond appreciative and equally excited you're on this journey with us. MOODEAUX to the MOON! xXBA



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