MOODEAUX'S NoteBook: Vanilla, The Most-Versatile of Them All?

MOODEAUX'S NoteBook: Vanilla, The Most-Versatile of Them All?

Written By: Brianna Arps


Vanilla, vanilla, vanilla. The timeless fragrance note that literally *everyone* seems to be talking about these days, regardless of whether they're a fan or not. 

At MOODEAUX, we're more than fans — in fact, I'd say, the team's quite obsessed given vanilla has a presence in both Worthy and PunkStar.

The innate, cozy warmth this hero ingredient imparts makes it easily identifiable and extra versatile. In fact, vanilla's adaptability stems from a unique ability to compliment a wide range of other scents (fruits, spices, florals, woods, etc.) — creating diverse and captivating accords many perfume lovers simply just can't resist.  

Let's drive a little deeper, shall we?


Genderless Appeal 

Vanilla is appreciated by both women and men, contributing to its widespread popularity. Its gender-neutral nature allows perfumers to create scents that appeal to super broad audiences who shop from both sides of the proverbial shelf. 


The comforting, soothing and indulgent nature of vanilla provides an instant pick-me-up whenever you need one most. It's almost like an encapsulated "hug" for the senses! Not to mention, a LOT of vanilla-forward fragrances function as aphrodisiacs, seducing wearers and those in close proximity with each spritz. 

Season-to-Season All-Star

I'm someone who picks out my perfume of the day based on my mood — not because it's morning or night, hot or cold outside. But! If I was, I know I'd ALWAYS be able to find a well-suited vanilla fragrance that works for any occasion. Typically, lighter vanilla juices are associated with daytime spring and/or summer aromas, while deeper, more spicy vanilla blends are favored for nighttime fall and/or winter scents.

We're curious! Have any vanilla fragrance combos you'd like to share? Hit us at or get in touch on social media @moodeauxofficial!



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