Brands We Love: Paying It Forward with PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT

Brands We Love: Paying It Forward with PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT

Published By: Brianna Arps


Sometimes I feel like I've lived 95485239 different lives given my career's trajectory. It's been that wild of a ride, y'all! Ya girl's had her hands in quite a few things — from becoming an editor living it up like Carrie Bradshaw to consulting well-known, successful beauty brands to strategizing as a senior-level marketer for social media creators to now leading charge at my very own venture MOODEAUX. 

But when I retrace the path that led me here, there's always been a few common threads: my love of people, curious outlook on the world around us, knack for storytelling and angst to just make a difference — no matter how big or small. 

All which can be woven together in the decade+ I've spent with PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT. For those unfamiliar, the organization was founded by Aeshia DeVore-Branch in 2011 to empower women by making fitness and wellness fun. I got my start underneath her as a wee baby reporter in PGS's scholarship program (f.k.a Teen Diaries) — a stint that ultimately led to an internship with ESSENCE Magazine the summer leading into my senior year of college. The rest is history!


MOODEAUX Joins 2023 PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT fest: Atlanta


I owe A LOT to Aeshia, PGS and her non-profit organization "Sweat Makes Cents." She single-handedly launched my career in journalism by giving me a platform to investigate and express myself, plus ushered my steps towards entrepreneurship well before I even realized. Recently, while at the 2023 PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT fest: Atlanta, myself and MOODEAUX were finally able to "pay it forward" by investing in PGS's next generation of student writers who may also one day pursue fragrance.

The annual event was held on Sept. 23 and featured hundreds (!!!) of attendees from all over — including celebrities, professional athletes, Olympians, instructors, etc. — each bonded by "sweat sisterhood." Read more about PGS fest: ATL HERE. Or, better yet, read more about out how you can contribute to enriching the lives of female collegians nationwide through Sweat Makes Cents HERE.  



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