MOODEAUX's NoteBook: The Wildly Seductive World of Leather

MOODEAUX's NoteBook: The Wildly Seductive World of Leather

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Picture this: You're rolling down the street, feeling like a million $$$, turning heads block after block. Is it your charisma, your impeccable style or perhaps something else? The secret to your magnetic allure might be hidden in plain sight but never fails to leave a tantalizing trail wherever you go. Leather... No, not the vintage jacket you're wearing — the mysterious note inside your signature scent.

PunkStar was imagined to release your inner rebel, inspiring all those who dare to "rock out loud." In the first official installment of MOODEAUX's NoteBook, a new blog series taking you inside our perfumer's palette, we're diving into the wildly seductive world of leather as an unexpected addition to modern fragrances. Buckle up and read on below!


1. Leather's Rebellious Charm

In perfumery, leather is a super common, gender-defying base note renowned for adding edginess, depth, and longevity. It's also one of the notes spotlighted in our sophomore scent: PunkStar.

"While the raw material itself was [historically] derived from animals [for clothing, accessories and the like], rest assured the process for utilizing leather inside today's fragrances looks completely different," MOODEAUX founder and CEO Brianna Arps recently shared with Bustle.

Modern perfumers are known to craft vegan blends of both synthetic and natural ingredients (like birch tar, juniper and labdanum) to create a skin-like, smokey aroma that mirrors the real thing. 

2. The Versatility of Leather

The true beauty of leather notes in fragrance lies in their versatility. Just like your favorite leather boots that go with both jeans and a suit, leather in fragrances can easily adapt to match various scent profiles. It can be dark and smoky in a bold, "evening" juice, or it can be clean and understated in a "daytime" blend.

We also love leather because it's both tough and tender. A leather jacket on the surface is rugged and durable, yet it also molds to your body — becoming as comfortable as an old friend. Similarly, the leather fragrance notes combine strength and softness in a way that's hard to resist.

3. From The Couch to The Open Road

Simply put: Leather notes can transport you to different places and eras. One whiff, and you might find yourself in a posh, dimly lit cigar lounge with leather couches or cruising down the open road on a vintage motorcycle, the wind rustling through your hair. The aroma is familiar, evoking memories, dreams and fantasies galore!

4. The Ultimate "Wingman"

Leather notes are the ultimate "wingman" for other fragrance ingredients. They play well with others and enhance the entire scent composition. Pair them with spicy notes, like pepper or saffron, for a fiery and sexy scent. Or, combine them with sweet and floral elements (try: Worthy) for a balanced and intriguing fragrance. ;) Have any PunkStar combos you'd like to share? Hit us at or get in touch on social media @moodeauxofficial!



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