Real Talk: I Think It's Time We "Unbox" Self-Care

Real Talk: I Think It's Time We "Unbox" Self-Care

Written By: Brianna Arps


By the time you read this, it’ll have been nearly three years since I began working on a passion project that made my life’s purpose much clearer. I might not have had the exact words back then, but deep down inside, I’ve always believed in helping others reach their full potential. 

Whether that’s through my words as a journalist or MOODEAUX as a perfumer, I’m here to empower people to forge a better relationship with themselves — starting with acknowledging how they feel. 

Although I'm a "founder" who's in it, you know, I have a real "beef" with how the beauty industry at large boxes up and sells "self-care." It's unfortunately rare to note brands discussing the topic — or phrase if you will — from an educational perspective, let alone one that doesn't revolve around things being pushed onto our collective conscience as another quick, 1-minute, 5-minute, 10-minute solution.

In my eyes, true holistic wellness (if you're gonna go there) takes up more than shelf space — it requires spending the most precious resource we have, and that's time not money. Period.

Studies show there's a direct link between mental, emotional, physical health¹. And the first step towards managing all three is by talking about your feelings — the tangible ones and intangible ones. Product aside, at MOODEAUX, we're advocates for Flaunting How You Feel first. For maintaining a non-judgmental, therapeutic communal environment, where you and I can both thrive on each other’s support. Why? Because I know there’s so much out there to distract us against the fact that life’s tough at times and we need more than bubble baths with glasses of wine to pull through.

This post sets the tone for everything this blog stands for: Inviting folk like you, who’s reading right now, to really slow down and check in with yourself before going out and braving this crazy, wonderful world again. That’s MOODEAUX’s core value and everything we’re about.

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