If Your Perfume Won't Last, Try Applying Here

If Your Perfume Won't Last, Try Applying Here

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Allow us to set the scene: You're freshly showered and ready to start your day by picking out a fragrance to Flaunt How You Feel. Set on a scent, you apply a spritz here and there before heading out. Mid-day, you notice something — or a lack-thereof: "Wai-minute, I can't smell my perfume on me anymore...what gives???" If this sounds familiar, we've got a few tricks up our sleeve (yes, corny pun intended) against fading fragrances — starting with the *right* way to apply them. 


Rule #1: Perfume belongs on your skin, not your clothes. The more hydrated and moisturized your skin is, the better — which also makes right after you've washed up and slapped on some lotion the perfect time to spray. Why? Fragrance molecules are not only attracted to moisture, but also and most importantly the body's natural waxy surface — "preferring" it over others, including fabrics.  

Our SuperCharged SkinScent formula is 100% made for skin. Packed with a punch and natural, fortifying ingredients like apricot and grape seed oil that help fight dryness, it combines scent with skin care for a more intimate fragrance experience that lingers. 

Rule #2: Focus on your erogenous zones. By definition, an erogenous zone is any area of the body that is pleasurable to touch — behind your earlobes, both sides of your neck, the bends of your elbows, in your belly button, the back of your knees, etc. Some like to call these zones "hot spots," because they also emit heat, making them ideal placements for a dab (or two, or three).  

Rule #3: Regardless of where you choose, try hard NOT to rub your wrists together or create too much instant friction, as that can spoil the lighter top notes. 



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