Q&A: What's The Difference Between Our Formulas?

Q&A: What's The Difference Between Our Formulas?

Written By: MOODEAUX


We get it. Sometimes, fragrances can be unnecessarily complicated — especially with how to wear and get the most use out of them. That's why at MOODEAUX we've dedicated years to creating a two-step product system centered around ease and efficiency. 

Both our SuperCharged SkinScent™ Dry Oil Perfume Sprays and IntenScenual™ Eau de Parfums were made for skin and work synergistically to enhance your fragrance experience and maximize scent longevity.

It's recommended that you first apply the dry-oil, followed by the eau de parfum — as fragrance in general performs best on a well-moisturized canvas.

Keep reading to uncover the main differences between each of our 3x award-winning formulas, plus tips worth bookmarking!



Tip #1: We love your clothes just as much as you do. To keep them looking great, apply our fragrances on bare, dampened skin and gently dab. Be careful and avoid contact with fabrics until the product is fully set to prevent any accidents.

Tip #2: If you're sensitive to some ingredients (for example, essential oils or carrier oils), we recommend doing a patch test first to check how you'll react.

Tip #3: When you're ready for a spritz (or two, or three), remember your erogenous zones. The spots on the body that naturally emit heat, helping unlock our fragrance's full potential. Find out more here.

Tip #4: You should store our fragrances in a dark, cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.


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