MUSE-WORTHY: Jordan James of Goddess Culture & Idea Hub

MUSE-WORTHY: Jordan James of Goddess Culture & Idea Hub

Written By: Brianna Arps



We'd be absolutely non-existent if it weren't for our day ones. I'm talking the folks that have been riding with and for MOODEAUX since before launch, when this all was just a dream retold out loud. 


A particular individual, Jordan James, really deserves her flowers. Not because she supports us, but more-so due to the fact Jordan's just plain DOPE. The definition of "that gworl" and then some...


As a multi-hyphenate creative, she's a person who brings value into the lives of everyone she meets — whether it be from teaching how to reach your goals on social media, speaking goodness and favor over others via her Goddess Culture podcast or inspiring your next self-care ritual.


Without further ado, I wanna introduce y'all through a mini interview. Keep reading for some true gems from such an awesome friend! xXBA


MDX: What does Flaunt How You Feel mean to you?

JJ: To me, it means to project the beauty of the inside outward! So often, we focus on the external and optics, but "flaunt how you feel" makes me want to share the best parts of my personality, spirit and confidence by how I show up in a space. 

MDX: You're real big on self-care, but why do you value it?
JJ: I value self-care because it brings be back to myself. The world, our families, our jobs, etc., asks so much of us. We are always giving, but self-care allows us to give back to ourselves. At the end of the day, I have to have enough left to keep me going. My favorite forms of self-care are: therapy, journaling, sitting in the sun, going to the beach, listening to music, being alone to recharge, taking myself on solo dates, having a good cry, having my girlfriends over and a good smoke every now-and-then. My podcast, Goddess Culture, holds me accountable to take care of me because we encourage women to choose them every chance they get. I can't encourage others and not do the same.

MDX: Who empowers you to be better than yesterday?
JJ: My mom. We are very close and she has always encouraged me to put my dreams first. She encouraged me when I wanted to move away for school, has been the first patron and biggest supporter for all of my side hustles and business ventures, she's honest with me even when something doesn't feel good to hear, and I never have to doubt if she has my best interest at heart. That gives me the freedom to do my best when I know that I have a sounding board and confidant that I can trust no matter what. There is so much room to be the best version of yourself when you have great relationships rooted in honesty and respect. 

MUSE-WORTHY: Jordan James of Goddess Culture + Idea Hub

MDX: Where is your favorite place to be?
JJ: Where my people are! Though I love to recharge in solitude and quiet, I need people. My favorite place used to be my great-grandma's living room, but I realized I picked that place because that's where all of my favorite people would congregate. Now that I'm older, I realize that home (or my favorite place) is where the ones I love most are. So it changes by the day, but I love that because that means I have a home anywhere as long as I'm not alone. 

MDX: When have you felt the most Worthy?
JJ: When I ended a 10-year relationship that didn't serve me! I forgot who I was and what I was capable of. I allowed someone to steal my special. Then one day I realized I couldn't go into 28 like that, had a paradigm shift, and had to change some things in my life in a real way. I didn't recognize myself, and that was scary. It clicked that I could go another 10 years not being adored or getting what I deserved, and I couldn't have that. So, January 2022 I made the hardest decision that I have ever made and said enough. I gave myself a month and a half to sit in that sadness, then I started working on me. I started saying no to shit that was outside of what I wanted for my life, and slowly but surely I got my special back. I remembered that I was worthy of the good things, and the good things started to find me again (my amazing boyfriend being one of them)!

MDX: Let the people know how to stay in touch!
Twitter: @_jordysays
Agency: Idea Hub

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